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About ATPS

img1 The ATPS is a multi-disciplinary network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers that promotes science, technology and innovation (STI) policy research, dialogue and practice, for African Development. With a regional secretariat in Nairobi, it operates through national chapters in 30 countries with an expansion plan in place to cover the entire Africa.

ATPS organizes and implements STI capacity building programs at regional and national levels. All programs address STI capacity building priorities of African countries identified by network members and stakeholders. ATPS activities are organized in four interrelated functional domains: STI knowledge generation; STI knowledge brokerage; STI knowledge dissemination; STI outreach & policy advocacy; and STI knowledge valorization. These functions are performed through three cross-cutting thematic research capacity building programs and three cross-cutting non-thematic facilitative programs. The thematic and facilitative programs are intertwined and together they form the six medium term strategic priorities of the ATPS.

ATPS Vision:
To become the leading international centre of excellence and reference in science, technology and innovation systems research, training and capacity building, communication and sensitization, knowledge brokerage, policy advocacy and outreach in Africa.

ATPS Mission:
To improve the quality of science, technology and innovation systems research and policy making in Africa by strengthening capacity for science and technology knowledge generation, communication and dissemination, use and mastery for sustainable development in Africa

Overall Objective:
To develop Africa’s STI capacity (knowledge basis & infrastructure, knowledge circulation & networks, knowledge conditions & policies) today for sustainable African development tomorrow

ATPS Motto:
Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research Today for Sustainable Development Tomorrow.

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