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The ATPS Phase VI Strategy

Executive Summary

The ATPS Phase VI StrategyThe Phase VI Strategic Plan provides a framework for guiding the activities of the African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS) over the period 2008-2011. In setting the strategic objectives and priorities for Phase VI, ATPS has taken a participatory approach recognizing the importance of the “strategic planning process” for ownership, buy-in and effective program implementation for achieving the desired policy impacts. The strategic priorities and program objectives are therefore based on constructive, reflective and insightful participatory dialogue with ATPS national chapters, ATPS research associates and other international development partners that are representative of ATPS’ milieu. The plan builds on the achievements and strengths of the network and critical analyses of the experiences and gaps identified in Phase V, 2004 – 2007. It seeks to address Africa’s unique development challenges especially within the context of achieving specific social, economic and environmental development targets by 2015. As in previous plans, ATPS will continue to close the loop through outreach, knowledge brokerage and policy advocacy.


The Phase VI Strategic Plan aims to improve the understanding and functioning of science, technology and innovation (ST&I) processes and systems to strengthen the learning capacity, social responses, and governance of ST&I for addressing Africa’s development challenges, with a specific focus on the MDGs. Taking into consideration the achievements of the ATPS Phase V and activities planned for 2008, ATPS Phase VI will pay specific attention to a set of specific strategic goals identified in liaison with the ATPS national chapters and policy stakeholders. These include to:

  • Strengthen institutional and individual capacity to carry out and use cutting edge research in inter-related ST&I processes and systems and their implications for achieving the millennium development goals (MDGs) in Africa
  • Facilitate and strengthen regional and international cooperation and partnerships on related ST&I research and policy issues to assist access to research environments and knowledge communities in other continents
  • Support and strengthen the innovative capacity of youth and women to apply ST&I to relevant development policy issues in Africa
  • Strengthen endogenous technical capacities to produce, use and govern Sustainable technologies for achieving the MDGs in Africa
  • Facilitate and support knowledge sharing on ST&I amongst key stakeholders for sustainable development in Africa and
  • Promote the integration of ST&I research and policy in African development planning and policy making processes.

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