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ATPS Structure

Following the   ATPS Phase VI Strategic Plan, 2008 – 2012 , the ATPS adopts a network management structure to ensure effective identification, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of its STI capacity building activities in the region. For want of better ways of representing the network management structure in a two dimensional plane, the structure is presented in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: ATPS Organizational Structure Figure 1: ATPS Organizational Structure

Each sector of the ATPS organizational structure is discussed briefly below:

The ATPS Board:

The overall policy-making body of ATPS is the international Board of Directors comprising African and non-African scholars, policymakers and private sector actors. The Board formulates and monitors the implementation of policies and procedures designed to fulfill the network's objectives. To ensure proactive monitoring and evaluation of the activities of the ATPS, both at the regional and sub-regional levels, the Board membership represents the main regions covered by the ATPS: Southern, Eastern, and Western Africa; a representatives of the Francophone speaking countries to address the language barriers and the two representatives of the international community. The Board meets twice each year to review and approve program implementation plans and budgets for each period and assess performance of the Network accordingly.Learn More

Responsible STI Advisory Committee

Unlike the other Executive Board committees, membership of the Responsible STI Advisory Committee is not restricted to the ATPS Board of Governors. The committee which acts mainly in an advisory capacity includes delegates from the ATPS Board of Governors and a selected number of invited international STI experts. Delegates of the ATPS Secretariat and the ATPS National Chapters also sit on the committee in ex-officio capacity to ensure effective communication between the committee and the ATPS Network. Learn more

The Secretariat

ATPS has an independent and dynamically evolving Secretariat with staff to provide executive direction, administrative implementation and physical infrastructure to the network. Learn more

ATPS National Chapters Regional Steering Committee (ATPS-NCRSC)

The ATPS-NCRSC comprises elected representatives of the regions covered by the ATPS in sub-Saharan Africa including the Western, Eastern, Southern, and Francophone regions. The committee serves as a liaison between the National Chapters and the Secretariat with the primary goal of proactively engaging the Secretariat in developing, monitoring and coordinating the STI capacity building activities of the ATPS chapters in each region. Learn more

National Coordinators

Each National Chapter Coordinator provides intellectual and administrative leadership for ATPS activities in his/her country. The Secretariat liaises with national chapters to raise funds for carrying various STI capacity building activates at the country levels. The national chapters liaises with relevant STI Ministries, Knowledge Institutions and Private Sector Actors in their country to identify and prioritize STI capacity building needs at the country level. These identified needs inform the overall regional strategic plan of the ATPS for each strategic phase, usually covering a four year period. Learn more

The Expert Consultants (Resource Persons)

The Expert Consultants provide intellectual guidance and methodology training for each thematic research program. These consultants also ensure that the science quality of the research and training carried out under ATPS thematic programs are of international standard and provide capacity building and mentoring support to ATPS researchers.

ATPS Members

Membership of the ATPS is held at the national chapter levels. Membership comprises policymakers, NGOs, consultants, research organizations and private sector actors. Two forms of membership are encouraged: institutional membership and individual membership. Learn more

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