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Communication and Stakeholders Dialogue (CSD)

The CSD program is designed to ensure that program & project concepts, design, implementation and output dissemination are effectively shared and owned by all end-users. CSD is therefore considered as an integral part of the program conception, design, and implementation and dissemination process to ensure that program activities and program outputs are communicated in forms that are easily understood, internalized and applied to address individual and collective needs. All knowledge communities (both tacit and codified knowledge) are considered important in all phases of the CSD process. All stakeholders are proactively engaged throughout the research process from problem definition to results dissemination and use using the ATPS PQRP Framework. The proactive engagement of stakeholders at all stages of the research process ensures that communication is a continuous ongoing process with each knowledge community (local communities, policy makers, practitioners and scientists) to ensure effective targeting of research efforts and ownership of the results, and enhanced valorization. By valorization here, we mean translation of scientific outputs into tangible social designs, institutional designs, technologies and products to aid poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

ATPS Communication and Stakeholders Dialogue Programs:

  • International Conference on Building of National Innovation Systems in Nigeria
  • International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation for climate Change Adaptation in Africa
  • Regional Brainstorming Workshop on Intellectual Property For Conservation and Management of Genetic Resources, April 2007
  • International Conference on Science, Technology and Health Innovation Systems in Africa
  • International Conference on Science, Technology, Water and Environment in Africa

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