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International Cooperation and Partnerships (ICP) Program

*To be renamed to"Intra-Africa and Global Collaboration and Partnership"

The ICP* program aims to create a culture of networking, symbiotic collaboration and partnership amongst institutions and individuals working on similar STI subject areas across regions, cultures, languages, countries and continents. The ultimate goal is to move towards a more coordinated effort rather than the current uncoordinated and sometimes conflicting approach towards STI policy research and policy making in the continent. This is built on the firm belief that effective cooperation and partnerships between institutions, regions and countries would lead to more cost effectiveness & greater policy impact. Each partner would bring comparative skills to projects and program initiatives and build synergies for greater and sustainable policy impacts. Such collaborations are guided by consortium agreements, memorandums of understanding or contracts depending on the nature of partnership established.

The ATPS has entered into several partnerships with relevant STI institutions in Africa and globally. A number of collaborative projects have been initiated and new memoranda of understanding have been initiated or signed between ATPS and its partners.  Click to download partners list

National University Commission (NUC), Nigeria

The National Universities Commission - Nigeria and the African Technology Policy Studies Network agreed on a lucid Memorandum of Association on 1st of May 2009 in Abuja Nigeria to advocate for curriculum change to mainstream STI in Nigerian universities. Dr. Kevin Urama Executive Director at ATPS represented the organization during the meeting held in Abuja, Nigeria. The meeting also saw Prof. Madukwe, Dr. Kevin Urama and the Director General of the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAB) discuss the director’s nomination as the ATPS Policy Liaison Officer for the Nigerian chapter. Further, they deliberated on availability of collaboration between ATPS and NOTAB. 

Biotechnology Trust Africa (BTA)

ATPS in collaboration with Biotechnology Trust Africa, (BTA) has launched a program on Strengthening National IP Policy and legal framework in Eastern and Southern Africa: Traditional Knowledge (TK) Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) and effective IP systems. This project is funded under the auspices of the ATPS Phase VI strategic Plan 2008 – 2012.Read More

British Council – Kenya

The ATPS and British council (Kenya) have entered into a partnership that will see the two organisations work together on climate change programs. The two organisations recently signed an MOU which will provide a framework for long-term collaboration in capacity building and outreach for improved environmental and natural resource management, sustainable utilization of natural resources and other environmental awareness initiatives for the socio-economic development of Kenya.Read More

World Wildlife Fund Eastern Africa Regional Programme Office (WWF-EARPO)

The Africa Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with World Wildlife Fund - Eastern Africa Regional Program Office (WWF-EARPO). The objective of the MoU is to strengthen the existing relations between the two organizations and assist to achieve their overall objectives by providing a framework for cooperation and participation in sustainable environmental and natural resource management through policy analysis, capacity building and outreach programs. Read More

EU Framework VII (FP7) Coordination and Support Action Project (SETDEV)

The African Technology Policy Studies Network has, in collaboration with a consortium of 11 like-minded institutions in Europe, Africa and Asia entered into a new contract for a European Framework VII (FP7) project: "Science, Ethics and Technological Responsibility in Developing and Emerging Countries (SET-DEV)." The project consortium is led by CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERECHE established in Italy, Rome. Read More

The University of Palermo, Italy

The University of Palermo, Italy invited ATPS to a promotional event of ImpresAmbiente which was held in Palermo, Italy on May 28, 2009. The event showcased the ATPS as a viable partner to the University of Palermo for technology sharing between Italy and Africa. The invitation came up as a result of a research development visit by Dr. Umberto Pernice of the University of Palermo and Dr. Prof. Goffredo La Loggia, Head of the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Applications (DIIAA)Read More

United Nations Agencies such as UNEP, UNESCO, UN-Habitat

The ATPS collaborates with various UN agencies in shaping various interventions such as the Green Economy Initiative, the Global Climate Change Adaptation Network (GCCAN) Africa chapter, the UN Panel for Sustainable Resource management, the UNEP initiatives on Education for Sustainable Development among others. Read More, the resource pane

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)

The ATPS is collaborated with FARA, ANAFE, PanAAC to develop a proposal for strengthening innovation in African Universities, which has received positive review from DANIDA Read More

New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD)

The ATPS collaborated with other partners such as ANAFE, FARA, RUFORUM and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), to organize a NEPAD university dialogue in Accra, Ghana, July 2009. This meeting which brought together key University constituents from the region, brainstormed on how to make the NEPAD CAADP program more relevant to the needs of the African Faculties of Agriculture and how to get African Universities participate more in the implementation of the CAADP programs. The ATPS will continue to support the NEPAD processes through advocacy, science communication and targeted joint initiatives.

Harvard University, USA

Through the ATPS Fellowship and Student Internship program, the ATPS received a Post-Doctoral Summer Placement and a student Intern from Harvard University for July – September, 2009. The two placements, Dr. Warigia Bowman and Mr. William Firestone participated actively in ATPS research programs during the period and will continue to liaise with the ATPS to take forward some new initiatives developed during the period.

African Union

Discussions are ongoing on measures to strengthen the partnership between the African Union and the ATPS. The ATPS is now proactively working with ATPS members in positions of office at the AU to forge a formal relationship with the apex origination in Africa. Discussions are ongoing regarding potentials of joint publications and joint facility to provide electronic library resources to improve access to STI journals in Africa. Dr. Mahama Ouedraogo, the Executive Secretary, Scientific, Technical and Research Commission (STRC) of the AU now serves on the Regional Steering Committee of the ATPS Intellectual Property Rights program.

African Institute for Applied Economics (AIAE), Nigeria

The Regional Agricultural and Environment Initiative Network-Africa (RAEIN AFRICA)

See www.aiaenigeria.org .

The ATPS and African Institute of Applied Economics (AIAE) Nigeria have signed a MoU for the two institutions to collaborate to identify and conduct research and sector studies that generate evidence-based and empirical information in various target sectors such as Power, Health, Water and Environment, Agriculture, Transport Infrastructure, Mining, Heavy Industries, Oil and Gas and Telecommunications. The collaboration will also see the two institutions partner in conducting training programmes on sciences, technology and innovation policy designed for policy makers, policy analysts, parliamentarians, journalists and researchers in Nigeria Read More

The Association of African Universities (AAU)

The Regional Agricultural and Environment Initiative Network-Africa (RAEIN AFRICA)

See www.raein-africa.org .

Pan African AgriBusiness Consortium

Discussions are on course for the ATPS and PanAAC to hold various joint activities in future. These activities include;

  • Joint development and implementation of relevant projects to partners, knowledge and information exchange and joint fundraising
  • Collaboration in capacity building activities of relevance to both partners:
  • Continually explore and develop areas of collaboration that aim to harness and improve mutually benefiting capacities and networking resources.
  • To consult with each other on additional tasks and projects of mutual interest for future collaboration in the areas of research, policy analysis and capacity building on issues of science, technology and innovation policy as mutually agreed.

  Science Africa Ltd

ATPS has signed an MoU with Science Africa Ltd that will see both institutions collaborate in conducting training programmes on sciences, technology and innovation policy destined for journalists and artists. The MoU will also see the two organizations jointly conducting at least one training programme to journalists and artists. Under the MoU, Science Africa shall provide media and publicity services and produce reports for these training programmes.

AID-ME, Egypt

ATPS signed an MoU with the Academy for International Development – Middle East (AID-ME) of Egypt that will see both organizations collaborate in the joint development and implementation of mutually relevant projects, knowledge and information exchange and joint fundraising. Under the MoU, Ms. Manal Moustafa Samra was appointed as the National Focal Point Coordinator responsible for overall supervision of all ATPS activities in Egypt in liaison with ATPS Regional Secretariat Management. The MoU will also allow AID-ME to coordinate the process of securing formal registration of ATPS National Chapter in Egypt as an affiliate chapter of the ATPS in Egypt by the year 2012, coordinated by a National Coordinator to be elected in accordance with the Policies and Procedures of the ATPS. AID-ME collaborated with ATPS to host the 2010 Annual Conference and Workshop in Cairo, Egypt and facilitated the participation of key delegates to the conference including Prof. Maged El-Sherbiny, the President of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) who is also the Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Scientific Research, policy making and Government, Cairo, Egypt.

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