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STI Knowledge Brokerage, Commercialization and Policy Advocacy (KB-CPA)


Designed for brokering the commercialisation and sharing of scientific knowledge, technologies and innovations for Sustainable development and Innovation.

The ATPS will continue to play its longstanding role as the independent STI Knowledge Broker, Communicator and Policy Advocate, to ensure effective identification, sharing, deployment and diffusion of appropriate technologies and innovations in African development irrespective of its origin.

It will act as the independent Broker to foster effective policies and incentives for technology cooperation amongst African countries and between Africa countries and the international community.

Strategic priorities/activities

  1. Multi-media publications including policy briefs, working papers, research papers, newspaper articles, news features, and other artistic impressions such as cartoons, etc.;
  2. Liaison with relevant Line Ministries and Government Agencies in partner countries to advocate, develop and implement policies and incentives for green technology imports and exports, respectively;
  3. Liaison with relevant partner institutions including but not exclusive to the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP), UNFCCC, and UNECA to develop technology cooperation and transfer policies, and identify potential sources of clean technologies for African countries and vice versa;
  4. liaison with African countries to develop bankable projects for the various global financial mechanisms for green growth and climate change;
  5. Advocating for development and deployment of policies and bilateral agreements for technology cooperation to enhance effective technology transfer between African countries, and internationally.

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