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Research Capacity Building (RCB) Program

All ATPS thematic research programs focus on facilitating innovation capacity development at individual and institutional levels. Each research program is therefore expected to include the "make" or "design" perspective, i.e. translation of the research outputs into "institutional" and/or "social engineering" designs, and/or cost effective "technical designs/technologies" that are necessary to the specific development and/or policy gaps addressed. To enhance the process, each research team is expected to include (or proactively engage) trans-disciplinary science experts; relevant policymakers and practitioners at all stages of the project cycle: from conception to implementation and dissemination of results.

The selected priority sectors for thematic research and research capacity building during the ATPS Phase VI Strategic Plan, 2008 – 2012 include: sustainable agriculture and food security, sustainable health delivery, and sustainable management of environmental infrastructure including integrated management of water, biodiversity and rural livelihoods. In each of the priority sectors, the research programs would focus on building national innovation systems capacities for poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation, and knowledge management and appropriation strategies. Other strategic priorities of the ATPS listed in Figure 1 above, forms integral parts of all thematic research capacity building programs.



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