ATPS Thematic Priorities

The Phase VII Strategic Plan aims to improve understanding and functioning of STI policy research and policy making processes and systems to strengthen capabilities, social responses, and governance of STI-led sustainable development in Africa.

ATPS does not engage in basic research and development. Instead, it enhances the understanding and functioning of the interface between scientific and policy research; technological development, deployment and transfer; and innovation incubation and diffusion, in a holistic and systemic way.

Understanding the knowledge systems and policy conditions to enhance the valorization (transformation) of scientific knowledge into technologies and innovations (commercialization);< Brokering the circulation (knowledge transfer), socialization (adaptation), deployment and diffusion (upscaling) of technologies and innovations for sustainable development in Africa, is the central focus of the ATPS.

The following are the strategic priorities of the ATPS:

  1. STI Policy Research and Research Capacity Building (STI-RCB)
  2. Intra-Africa and Global Collaboration and Partnership (IGCP) Program
  3. Youth and Gender Empowerment (YGEP)
  4. Training and Sensitization (T&S)
  5. STI Knowledge Brokerage, Commercialization and Policy Advocacy (KB-CPA)

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