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Technopolicy Africa December Issue 7

Content in focus:
  • Scientometrics and STI Indicators as an Option for Improving Science and Technology Development in Africa
  • African Development Bank’s Appraisal Mission at the ATPS
  • ATPS Staff Participate in the Capacity Development Training for Utilizing the AFAAS Virtual Social Network Platform
  • NEPAD Engages ATPS Experts in the Implementation of the Science Granting Councils’ Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Emergence of Inclusive Partnership for Strategic Action in Agro-Food Chains: Changes Realized in Cassava and Soya 
  • Value Chain in Ghana
  • ATPS Conducts Training for Farmers and Extension Agents in Kenya on the Use of the LandInfo Mobile App.
  • The Only Disability in Life is a Bad Attitude
  • Soil Carbon Loss Mitigation: A Tool for Forest Conservation and Climate Change Mitigation
  • ATPS Participates in the CAAST-NET Plus Workshop for Early
  • Career African Climate Academics
  • Grants Received by the ATPS during the Quarter
  • New Appointments              
  • Scholarships/Opportunities




ATPS Newsletter-Technopolicy Africa September Issue 0006

Content in focus:
  • ATPS Holds its 2016 Stakeholders’ Forum
  • A Snapshot of the Proposed ATPS New Strategic Plan (2016-2020)
  • You Are What You Eat: Demystifying Facts on Nutrition and Health Perspectives
  • How can Value Chain and Value Chain Finance be made Functional in Africa
  • ATPS Policy Study on Regulatory Harmonization of Veterinary Products’ Registration in East Africa
  • Nigeria Launches a New Agricultural Policy
  • Hinging the Vibrancy of ATPS Chapter on Linkages and Groomed Youth: Lessons from ATPS Uganda Chapter
  • Youth and Entrepreneurship            
  • Automatic Solar Irrigation Management System
  • Kenya’s Roadmap towards the Implementation of SDGs
  • Kenyan Farmer Reaping Big from Banana Tissue Culture Business
  • Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development in Africa: The Role of AYFST
  • Going Green: A Panacea for Climate Change Menace in Africa
  • My Experience as an Intern at the ATPS
  • AAIN to Drive Agribusiness Agenda in Africa
  • Why Africa should put much Emphasis on Science, Technology and Innovation
  • 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (Nairobi Declaration)
  • Grants Received by the ATPS during the Quarter
  • Scholarships/Opportunities


ATPS Newsletter-Technopolicy Africa Issue 0005

Content in focus:  

  • How Can Science and Technology Policy be Formulated and Implemented in Africa? 
  • Value Addition Gaps: The Bane to African Economy
  • ATPS Wins Climate Information Prize 2016
  • Biogas Taita: Improving Access to Low Carbon Energy through Biogas and Solar Thermal  Water Heating Systems
  • ATPS Opens the 2016 Golden Climate Award
  • Innovation in Sporting: Kenyan Pilot Leads a Major Gaming Company in Africa
  • ATPS Relocates to a New Office
  • ATPS Signs MOU with AAIN to Accelerate Africa’s Quest to Eradicate Poverty, Hunger and  Malnutrition
  • ATPS Staff Participates in STEPS Centre Summer School
  • USAID Awards Top Ten Young Innovators in Agribusiness
  • Kenya to Host Innovation Africa 2016
  • Opportunities


ATPS Newsletter- Technopolicy Africa Issue 0004

Contents in focus:

  • ATPS tops the list as the Best Think Tank in Africa for the 2nd year in a row according to a Global Survey
  • New innovation in malaria testing: The Urine Malaria Test Kit
  • Innovative ways to communicate climate change to vulnerable
  • Communities in Africa
  • Mobile phones and the youth in Africa
  • Science and technology for economic development in Nigeria
  • Africa’s mineral wealth: The relationship between technology and potential destruction
  • New appointments
  • Opportunities


Technopolicy Africa Issue No 003 January 2016

Contents in focus

  • Hydropedalplane Invention – One of a Kind in the world

  • ATPS collaborates with AUC in STISA 2024 implementation

  • A spotlight on rural economics for STI development in Africa

  • Capacity building on the use of agricultural innovations

  • Unveiling the hidden wealth in Nigeria’s science and technology sector

  • Gender in extension approaches

  • Opportunities


Technopolicy Africa Issue No 002 September 2015


Technopolicy Africa - Issue 1

Contents in Focus

  • New leadership at ATPS
  • ATPS Emerges as the best Think Tank in Africa
  • STI in advancing Higher Education


Issue No. 10 July–December 2001

Contents in Focus

  • Autonomy at Last
  • Appointments and ATPS National Coordinators
  • News from the National Chapters
  • ATPS working with ACTS and other stakeholders
  • ATPS holds its first Annual Research Conference and Workshop
  • Interview with Margaret Gathoni Karembu (Ph.D)
  • ATPS Newsbites


Issue No. 27, March 2013

Contents in focus

  • 2012 ATPS Annual Conference
  • ATPS participates in the 1st Bio-Innovate Regional Scientific Conference
  • Women and Youth in STI
  • Bio-Economy through Policy in Eastern Africa
  • ATPS Participates in UNESCO’s Science Policy Workshop
  • ATPS launches new Chapters
  • Spotlight on Chapters & Focal Points
  • ATPS News Round UP


Issue No. 26, July - December 2009

Contents in Focus

  • Scientific Revival Day forAfrica - ATPS Uganda and Ghana
  • ATPS Annual Conference and Workshop a Major Success
  • ATPS Promotes Full Stakeholder Participation in the Research Funding Process
  • Country Chapter Focus - ATPS Lesotho
  • Kenya Talks Climate Change University Business Research and Innovation in Africa (UNIBRAIN)
  • Nanotechnologies for Development in India, Kenya and the Netherlands: Enhancing policy-maker capacity to use evidence
  • ATPS Publication Series
  • ATPS Secretariat Staff Highlights


Issue No. 25, January - July 2009

Contents in Focus

  • New program on Intellectual Property Rights Launched
  • Finals of Women and Youth in Science Competitions
  • SET-DEV Manifessto Planning Workshop
  • About the New Global Adaptation Network for Africa
  • Launch of new Innovation Challange Programs for African Youth and Women
  • Building a National System of Innovation in Nigeria
  • Digitising Social Science and Humanities
  • The role of Higher Education in Sustainable Development in Africa
  • The University of Parlemo invites ATPS to the Panel for Natural resource Management


Issue No. 24, July - December 2008

Contents in Focus

  • National Chapter Focus
  • ATPS Concludes Water and Environment Programme
  • Training of African Parliamentary Staff on Communicating Science to MPs
  • Climate Change: Coping Strategies for East Africa
  • ATPS Hosts Global ISEE 2008 Conference
  • Pictorial, ATPS Partnerships
  • Policy Brief Review - Bordering on a Water Crisis
  • Barriers between Scientists and Journalists; Myth or Reality?
  • SET-DEV Stakeholders Meeting


Issue No. 19 Jan. - Jun. 2006

Contents in Focus

  • High-powered ATPS Delegation Visits Finland
  • ATPS Supports Engineering Students' Exhibition
  • Water and Environment Teams Review Work in Progress
  • Partnership for Water and Sanitation
  • ATPS Co-hosts a Regional Media Training Workshop in Lusaka, Zambia
  • ATPS Supports "Power Up with ICT" Campaign
  • Uganda Chapter Marks Scientific Revival Day of Africa
  • The ATPS Tanzania Chapter Undertakes Study on Pilot Cluster Innovation Systems


Issue No. 16 Jul. - Dec. 2004

Contents in Focus

  • High-powered ATPS Delegation Visits Finland
  • ATPS takes on Research on Water and Environment Policies
  • ATPS organizes Conference on Science, Technology, Water and Environment
  • Inventors and Inventions
  • Calendar of Events
  • Staff News


Issue No. 14 Jun. - Dec. 2003

Contents in Focus

  • ATPS Discusses Science and Technology and Food Security in Maseru, Lesotho
  • ATPS Expands to Southern Africa and Franco-phone West Africa
  • The ATPS/RMRDC Training Workshop on Science & Technology Research Methodology, Policy Planning, Analysis and Implementation
  • ATPS Gets New Legal Status as an International Centre
  • Nigeria: Scientific Revival Day in Africa
  • Chapter News
  • Dakar Workshop
  • Expansion of National Chapters


Issue No. 11/12 Jan. - Dec. 2002

Contents in Focus

  • Science and Technology and Africa's Global Inclusion: 2002 ATPS Annual Conference and Workshop in Abuja, Nigeria
  • Major Ministerial &Policy Forum at the ATPS Annual Conference in Abuja
  • COMESA/SADC/ATPS Regional Workshop for Trade Negotiatons on the Doha Development Agenda
  • ATPS & SCIDEV working together to train Journalists in Science Communication
  • ATPS launches a New Regional Research Programme on ICTs
  • Chapter News
  • Chapter News


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